Women to Women Celebration


Women to Women celebration brought together women from Zagreb and those whose journey has brought them to Croatia. All together we came from more than 13 countries speaking over 10 languages. We often did not share each other’s spoken language but with translation gadgets, and especially through patience, understanding, curiosity and yes, love, we came together to celebrate. 

Over two weekends we gathered and partnered up so that during the final gathering we exchanged gifts, shared delicious food (Briyani, Dolma, Kabeli, Kisir, Kuba, Shifta) and danced together.

Thank you to all who helped to create this celebration with a special recognition for our cooks and all the women provided donations, transport, desserts and gifts.

Though the Women to Women Celebration was born out of the Creative Women’s Group of Živi Atelje DK, it was made possible through the help of many individuals who gave of their time and energy including Zahra, Zinka, Zohra, Vivijan, Vesna, Tomislav, Suheyla, Shahla, Selma, Saša, Sanja, Rocco, Prince, Nuriya, Nawar, Nataša, Merima, Medina, Masha, Maryam, Marijana, Martina, Maja 2, Maja, Lynder, Luka, Lea, Laura, Lana, Kornel, Khatera, Kafiya, Jagoda, Ira, Ivanka, Iva, Hawa, Hatice, Hanin, Hanade, Hana, Gaelle, Fatima 2, Fatima, Duška, Dijana, Damla, Chandrelle, Branka, Asja, Andrea, Ana-Marija 2, Ana-Marija, Alvin, and Alma.

The majority of individuals are independent but we also wanted to recognize the help from the following organizations Inicijativa Dobrodošli! Are You Syrious? Food Not Bombs, Okus Doma, Zelena Akcija and a special thank you to Močvara for giving us their time and the space to party.

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Thank you Happy Nawruz!

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