Women’s Day Night March 2020

International Women’s Day Noćni marš, in Zagreb, Croatia, 8 March 2020

Several weeks of work, many laughters, some tears, (can you have one without the other?), some anger, some gentleness, and a lot of care, more than 8 meters of recycled cloth and innumerable bundles of yarn conglomerated and transformed into the making of a banner, our first Women to Women collective banner that we proudly showed on International Women’s Day during Zagreb’s night march for the occasion on 8 March.

We are very grateful to Selma Banich for leading the workshop to make the banner and guide the process of choosing the words: “Ne mogu nas sve pobiti” or, “They cannot kill us all” along with “love & rage,” powerful messages that resonate across time and geographical space, still pertinent even in this context, echoing the strength and struggle of humans for greater equity, social justice, equality and peace. Thank you to the march organizers, Faktiv, for the invitation to lead part of the way.

Please see the pictures of the march here with thanks to photographers Silvija Dogan and Saša Kralj, and the many people who support us along this journey. 

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