Pakrac 2021 No Borders traveling exhibition & workshop

Reality surpassed our expectations for the final destination of tour of our ceramic and glass exhibition and gong fu tea workshop: Pakrac. Our No Borders: Integration of Art – Art of Integration program connecting glass, ceramics and tea was met with enthusiasm by our partners Centar za podršku i razvoj civilnog društva “DELFIN”. Despite the quietness of the season and poor news on the health front, several people from Pakrac and the surrounding areas came to the Muzej Grad Pakrac on November 12. 

With people from Pakrac, members of Živi Atelje DK who are part of the Women to Women collective and the Wandering Art Tea Academy shared  lunch, forest walks and communal cooking in the Planinarski dom Omanovac. The pictures do not do justice to the depth of our gratitude for the warm welcome in a part of Croatia too often forgotten by city dwellers regardless of their responsibilities especially toward places that need support. Very grateful to the local Delfin team and the warm welcoming of the Planinarski dom Omanovac and their amazing guests from Virovitica. 

The project, “No Borders: Women to Women, conversation around ceramics and tea” is realised through the Clubture network program (CTHR) with donations from the Ministry of Culture, Foundation Kultura Nova, the City of Zagreb, and the National Foundation for Civil Society Development through their project Knowledge Hubs. 

The ceramic and tea trainings for the Women to Women collective were made possible by the French Embassy in Croatia (Ambassade de France en Croatie) and the Center for Peace Studies (Centar za mirovne studije) through co-financing from the European Union – the BRIDGES project.