Vera’s atelier was always referred to as an “open atelier” where artists, architects, craftsmen and women, writers, journalists and people from all walks of life came for a coffee, rakia and conversation. The impromptu gatherings became recurrent and Saturday mornings became a sort of “salon chez Vera.” Ideas were exchanged and joint projects were erected in those 60 years that Vera occupied and created within her atelier in Ilica 110.

She first obtained use of the atelier as a master student of sculptor at the Art Academy across the street. Originally the atelier had been a bakery that many years later, with the help of architect friends and workers, she turned into her workspace where she created sculptures, jewelry, graphics, and reliefs in ceramics, galvanoplastics, bronze and plaster.

Today her atelier is undergoing transformation so that it can be used as the working space of several artists, in what we call the Creative Collective Space.

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