Choosing what to support

We want to give you the choice of where your donation will go. You can choose from the following options. If you want to specify what you choose to support, to make a donation in someone’s name, or to ask us any questions on how to support Živi Atelje DK, please contact us.

Our choice

With this option you leave us the choice of how to dispense of your donation.


At this point, your support would be used to help us finish the cataloguing process. Your contribution will be used for any costs related to cataloguing and restoration: the purchasing and making of packaging materials such as acid-free boxes, the restoration and prevention of further damage of the art collection. To see her collection, click here.

Artist in Residence Program

Your support would be used to help reduce overall costs of residence artists to make such a program available to them—and so that we may also benefit from their insights, experience, knowledge and exchange with other artists and the public.

Gallery DK programs

Your support would help in the production of gallery programs including workshops, presentations and exhibitions.

Projects and Education

With your support for this segment you would be helping us to continue our various programs including the following:

The No Borders program includes several projects and activities involving refugees, asylum seekers, people seeking subsidiary protection and the local community working on integration, community-building, exploration of identity, and healing through art. Our yearly No Borders collaborative art project brings together refugees, local artists and art students in an intense workshop whose outcome is then shared with the greater public through a traveling exhibition. A women’s group meets once a week at Živi Atelje DK to work on art, crafts or attend cultural-related activities. Živi Atelje DK also collaborates with other local organizations to help organize art workshops for children off premise.

The Wandering Art Tea Academy is a new addition to our program, an association of tea lovers who share their passion and knowledge through gatherings, workshops and exhibitions. 

General upkeep and maintenance

The buildings in which we are located are almost 100 years old. Humidity, for example, is a problem. Heating is a must during the winter months. All of this, among other issues, requires maintenance and resources.

To find the bank details to make a donation, please click on the Contribute page.

Thank you for considering a donation to Živi Atelje DK.