Projects & Education

Through our network of members both artists and those who interact with art beyond creating it, we want to facilitate different education programs, workshops and other projects on location at Živi Atelje DK or elsewhere.

We will explore and encourage projects that involve the artistic community with the general public.

Ongoing and Past Projects

In part as a response to the arrival of large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers, Živi Atelje DK, started to conceptualize and begin a wider project called No Borders that would involve collaborative art projects, discussion and activities involving people of different backgrounds and experiences to facilitate integration and communication.

The Wandering Art Tea Academy is a new addition to our program, an association of tea lovers who share their passion and knowledge through tea tasting gatherings, workshops and exhibitions. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any proposals, or suggestions and queries about how to be involved or how to support us. Go to our Stay Tuned section for announcements.