No Borders: Integration of Art – Art of Integration

The No Borders: Integration of Art  Art of Integration program includes several projects involving people of different horizons and origins including those born and raised in Zagreb, long-time residents, temporary visitors, refugees, asylum seekers, and people seeking subsidiary protection to work on integration, community- and peace-building, exploration of identity, and healing through art. 

Our first project at Živi Atelje DK, in December 2015, was entitled “No Borders.” The project started in part as a reaction to the backlash on the part of public opinion against refugees coming through Croatia. Misinformation in the media (including social media), fuels the atmosphere of fear and mistrust. The collaborative art project involving artists and refugees was meant to answer directly to this atmosphere. Since then our program has grown into several components.

We used to also have Children’s Art Workshops. Most of the projects are done with the generous donation of time and other resources from our members and volunteers. To make the projects sustainable and to improve the content, Živi Atelje DK requires more support. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you ways to form a partnership, ways for you to contribute as a volunteer, through a donation or any other support. Thank you.