Furthering Education

To introduce people in Croatia to another side of the countries from which refugees come from, one that emphasizes beauty and points of interest unrelated to war, Živi Atelje DK has also organized conversations.

Nawar Ghanim Murad, from the Yezidi minority in Iraq, was a special guest both Zagreb (see pictures) and in Dugo Selo (see pictures) accompanied by a photography exhibition and oud music played by a Syrian.

Živi Atelje DK also collaborates with other organizations such as the Center for Peace Studies (Okus Doma), in 2017 to organize weekly teaching of Arabic to Croatian people in our gallery space. (For pictures of the graduation of the first class, click here.)

Some of the women asylum seekers are in the position of teaching local women in various art forms including dance that happens on a weekly basis. 

Next step of the Furthering Education

Živi Atelje DK wishes to be able to invite and organize more people to have presentations and conversations at our premises and other regions in Croatia. We wish to expand our activities and continue our collaboration with other organizations.

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