Time Bank | Banka vremena

We are introducing a proposal that already exists in different parts of the world: a community exchange system that is based on our time and skills and not on how much is in our wallet.

The idea is to have a way to provide each other with services such as the making of a cake, a French or Farsi lesson, driving or a plumbing service with a currency we call SOLIDAR, which depicts ethical and moral principles behind the system and every transaction taking place within it.

Have a look at the link and explore the possibilities. The same system is available as a version for mobile phones (though not as an application).

At the end of November 2017 we had a presentation at our place and saw how the existing open-source system (in English) of keeping track of the interactions could be complex. Please view this short manual (in Croatian and English) to help you to begin.

We invite you to become members of the time bank.

(Please note, you do not need to be members of Živi Atelje DK to be members of the time bank, however, all Živi Atelje DK members will need to join the time bank as their membership fee includes one SOLIDAR!)

The more people join and use it will improve the system, smooth out any issues and benefit us all.

Enjoy this new experience!
The Živi Atelje DK team