Wandering Art Tea Academy

Introducing the Wandering Art Tea Academy-Nov 2016 

We are tea enthusiasts who share passion, knowledge, and experiences of tea, art, and Asia bringing tea lovers, experts and producers together. We train tea enthusiasts to be their own tea experts and provide artisan tea producers with insight into tea lovers abroad. We host presentations, workshops, classes, exhibitions and a library of books and pamphlets about tea. We view tea and tea culture as part of a sustainable, healthy, and compassionate approach to life and community so we happily cooperate with other artists, experts, tea houses, and local non-profit organizations. We are one program within Živi Atelje DK, an art and culture cooperative supporting tolerance, healing, creativity, and emerging artists within Croatia.

Wandering Art Tea j. d. o. o.

Wandering Art Tea j. d. o. o. is a social enterprise connecting tea producers with tea lovers in Europe through the distribution of quality, full-leaf, artisan tea, tea wares, and Chinese art supplies at an affordable price. We host Chinese artists and tea experts in Europe and organize exhibitions and events accordingly. Wandering Art Tea also provides translation, tour guide, and other consulting services for tea lovers, artists, and sustainable businesses who wish to travel to China, meet their counterparts, and arrange events there. Any income beyond expenses provides support for the programming of Wandering Art Tea Academy and its parent organization Živi Atelje DK.

We share tea and art every second Monday from 19:00-21:00 at our home, Živi Atelje DK (Ilica 110) and maintain a tea library that is hosted at Jing Yuan Teahouse (Ilica 107). We also organize educational and interactive events such as:


Hands-on workshops

Academic Presentations

Exhibition hosting, dual-location Croatia and China Artist-in-Residence program


Wandering Art Tea loves to travel to new places to share our love of tea with new people. Coffee shops, tea houses, yoga studies, dojos, galleries, pottery studies, wellness centers, classrooms, conference rooms, office buildings, gardens, living rooms, mountain tops and beaches have all been sites for tea presentations. We have been to Maribor, Ljubljana and Gornji Grad in Slovenia, Gradiška and Banja Luka in Bosnia, Beograd and Novi Sad in Serbia, and Šibenik, Osijek, Dugo Selo, Čakovec and Zagreb in Croatia. Read about our beginnings here.

In the future:

We will complete bilingual downloadable manuals on full-leaf tea, tea wares and tea culture.

Eventually we would like to start an experimental cooperative tea farm to encourage local production and experiential learning of sustainable tea farming methods.

We will also organize tea tours to China, to the source of the reason WATA exists.

Wandering Art Tea Academy’s Programming Director

Felix Giron/Ji Rong Fang is a tea fanatic who has lived in China for almost 20 years. As a long-term resident of Shantou City, Guangdong Province, the home of dancong tea and the gongfu tea ceremony, she has been inspired to formally study Chinese tea with tea connoisseur Pang Ying and the Weiyihui Tea Institute. Felix also makes trips throughout the year to tea farms all over China to meet tea producers. Now Weiyihui Tea Institute’s International Ambassador, Felix shares what she has learned to better connect tea producers, tea experts and tea lovers worldwide.

If you are interested in being kept up to date about Wandering Art Tea Academy announcements, news and events, please send an email to wanderingarttea@gmx.com.

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