WATA Presentations

Presentations: We have presentations on a variety of tea-related topics. For most first-time events, we suggest a general introduction to the Chinese gongfu tea ceremony and Chinese tea. Participants will experience the ceremony and taste at least three teas. Nevertheless, we are happy to provide more in-depth presentations covering specific aspects of Chinese tea culture. We provide all tea wares and tea and send participants home with a small sample of tea as a gift. Tea presentations last about 2 hours including the question and answer period. Depending upon attendance, we need variable amounts of time before the presentation to set up and boil water and time after the presentation to clean up. 

Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony

Join Wandering Art Tea Academy for an introduction to the Chinese gongfu tea ceremony and the world of Chinese tea. We will pour and share three teas and consider the role of tea within Chinese and global gastronomy, medicine, fine arts, hospitality and meditation. To help you become your own tea expert, we will touch on the production, appraisal, storage and serving of full-leaf artisan tea. Please bring a tea cup, your taste buds, your curiosity and a friend. In English with Croatian translation.

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