WATA workshops

Workshops are limited to 25 people. Below are examples of workshops we have held:

Become your own tea taster: Evaluating tea workshop

Empower your palate! Learn how professional tea tasters evaluate and appreciate full-leaf Chinese tea. What does quality tea look, smell and taste like? What symptoms indicate common problems in harvesting, producing and storing tea? Gain confidence and enjoyment as you acquire the skills to trust yourself and be your own tea expert. We provide materials but if you have a gaiwan or Yixing pot that you use regularly, please bring it with you.

Pouring Chinese Tea: An Introductory workshop

Practice pouring and serving Chinese tea while tasting and learning about at least three different full-leaf teas. This introduction to the gongfu tea hospitality ceremony is also a chance to hear about the history of Chinese tea culture and how tea has been part of Chinese art, porcelain, practices of self-cultivation, diplomacy, and medicine.We provide the tea and tea wares; you provide the curiosity and the taste buds. In English with Croatian translation.

Chinese ink brush and tea culture workshop

This workshop is a hands-on introduction to the characteristics, technique and aesthetics of the Chinese brush, ink and paper and its relationship to tea. We will learn how to hold the brush, control ink and some of the most important brush strokes. At the end of the workshops, participants will create and take home their own first work made with a Chinese brush, ink and paper. 

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