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The artist who inspired the process and whose legacy we continue is Vera Dajht Kralj. View her art, read about her art, cataloguing her art and about the atelier.

Vera Dajht Kralj was born in Zagreb, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and completed a specialization in sculpture with professors Frano Kršinić and Antun Augustinčić.

From October 1952 to November 1953 she completed her post-graduate studies at the Académie des Beaux-Arts (Academy of Fine Arts) in Paris with Professor Hubert Yencesse.

She has been a member of the Association of Visual Artists of Croatia (ULUH) since 1955. Since her first exhibition in 1952 at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Municipal Museum of Modern Art in Paris), she has won many awards and taken part in over 70 solo and collective exhibitions in Croatia and in many places abroad—Paris and Limoges, Padova, Rome, Naples, Ferrara, Faenza, Mannheim, Cairo and Athens, among others.

From 1954 to today, 10 of her monuments stand in public places and she applied to more than 20 sculpture tenders. In 1991, her sculpture “The Window” was erected in Tkalčićeva street in Zagreb’s old centre.

Since 1956 she has been working in her atelier in Zagreb, Croatia which expanded in 2011 to include a gallery.

For several decades she was also an art teacher in a primary school, some of whom have become artists in their own right.

Vera’s dedication to her work as one of the premiere artists of her time and one of the most significant women artists serves as an inspiration. We aim to honor her life-time work and dedication, in continuing the legacy of her atelier and gallery.

In October 2018, an exhibition and book launch by the same title, “Beyond Visible: The Public Sculpture of Vera Dajht-Kralj,” explored Vera’s sculpture in public space and took place in Croatia’s national museum of architecture-HAZU. The exhibition encompassed about 20 sculptures, busts, reliefs and monuments, as well as over 30 tender projects for public sculptures, mostly in Croatia, but also in Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Switzerland. The exhibition showcased numerous unrealized tender projects and proposals alongside completed sculptures, presented to the public for the first time and covering the time span from 1954 to 2008.

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