The exhibition “Only us, humans” of illustrations of Valentina Brostean took place on 15 June. View here photos of the opening and her work.

Josipa Krolo had her first solo exhibition at Živi Atelje DK’s gallery on 23 May. To view an album of the opening, please click here.

Živi Atelje DK hosted “Knjižne ilustracije — Book Illustrations” by Mingsheng Pi on 23 April during part of the Noć knjige in collaboration with Mala Zvona publishing house. Click on the link to view the photos.

Our 2018 select exhibitions began with the exhibition “Klaunske Pjesme — Clown Songs” on 24 January, presenting a cross section of graphic works by Josip Boltižar, in cooperation with academic and poet Luka Paljetak. Click on the links to view the event and photos.


Živi Atelje DK hosted the opening of the exhibition “Pet Slika o Mašti — Five Pictures about Imagination” by Luka Hatvalić on December 6 at 19h. Click on the links to view the event and photos.

The exhibition “Rezonance — Resonance” by Petra Orbanić and Marija Plečko opened on 18 October at the Živi Atelje DK gallery. Click on the links to view the event and photos.

Ivan Oštarčević and his exhibition “Kulminacija Grupacija — Group Culmination” were presented on 11 October. Click on the links to view the event and photos.

The pop-up graduate exhibition “Verbalno/Never/Banalno — Verbal/Never/Banal” by sculptor Martina Nikoljačić opens at Živi Atelje DK gallery Tuesday, 26 September. Click on the links to view the event and photos.

Živi Atelje DK gallery welcomed Karla Čurčinski and her exhibition of illustrations, “San stvarnosti — Dream of reality” on 21 September at 19h. Click on the links to view the event and photos.

Zen and tea master, Chi Chern, attended his first exhibition in Croatia “Govor Praznine / Emptiness Speaks” for a series of calligraphic paintings on 25 August. Please view the event announcement and the pictures

The multimedia installation of La Grande Familia entitled “Black Box / Madeira Memoirs” opened on 6 July. Event announcement and pictures are available.

Ivica Ivčević‘s photographs from his “Scenografija odluke — Scenography of a decision” opened on 26 June. Event and pictures of the opening are available for your viewing.

The third edition of the No Borders Collaborative Art Project culminated in the 2017 exhibition 5 June. For pictures of the process and exhibition, please view pictures, the announcement and detailed information in the blog post.

Danijel Drakulić‘s illustrations of his exhibition “Svi Smo Mi Moebius — We Are All Moebius” opened to the public on 12 May. Please click here to view the photos and the event announcement.

Živi Atelje DK gallery was pleased to host the exhibition “Unknown Constructions of Incomplete Objects” by painter Jelena Sokić on Wednesday, 10 May. To view the event announcement and photos.

Gabrijela Rukelj Krašković‘s independent project,“Kora and All Others” kicked off on 12 April. Here is the event announcement and you can also view pictures.

Ana Horvat and Damian Nenadić first discovered each other’s photography and recognized their likeness in subject and atmosphere. Their photographs engage, in their words, in “conversation” and were brought together for the first time in the exhibition Ništa za Prijaviti, Nothing to Declare, at Živi Atelje DK. To see pictures of the opening on 22 March, click here and view the event announcement. 

Iva Valentić invited us to transcend the boundaries of tradition, time, space and prejudices through her exhibition Kratke priče, Short Stories, of drawings, using Chinese ink on rice paper, a technique she mastered at the prestigious Beijing art academy. Please see the event announcement and click here for the photos of the opening of her exhibition on 8 February. Her works were also exhibited at Stari Krovovi in Dugo Selo on 3 March.You can also view her works at www.ivavalentic.com. 

We participated in the yearly Museum Night, Noć Muzej, with the exhibition of Maša Bajc in the gallery and the ongoing live demonstration of transforming glass into art by our new artist Ivanka Pašalić. Follow the links to view pictures and the event announcement for 27 January.

The kick off of our first exhibition of 2017 was a photographic one with Maša Bajc, Poslije tišine, Beyond Silence. To get a taste of the opening and her work, please view these pictures and the event on 18 January.


Our No Borders 2016 art workshop and the following traveling exhibition included 13 participants for collaborative work between local artists, students and refugees. Please follow the links to view the events and pictures of the works and album of the workshop and opening.

To celebrate the beginning of one of our programs, the Wandering Art Tea Academy, Živi Atelje DK and our friends, Jing Yuan Teahouse, Aikido društvo Zagreb, Kutika and Weiyihui Tea Institute cooperated to host four inaugural in November and December ending on the meaningful date of 11 December. To view details click here and view pictures here.

Ana Šokčević exhibited her sculptures in an exhibition entitled “Micro Worlds,” her graduation exhibition from Zagreb’s Academy of Fine Arts on 6 June 2016. Please click on the following links for Facebook event, and album.

15 artists interpreting the stories of 15 authors, in cooperation with the Festival of the European Short Story in honor of its 15th anniversary. Please click on the following links for Facebook event, album and Tumblr.

Lin Wen, our first participant in the artist in residence program, exhibited work he did while in Zagreb on 12 March 2016. Please click on the following links for Facebook event, and album.

Dorotea Gašpar exhibited her drawings, entitled “Organika,” as part of her final exhbition from Zagreb’s Academy of Fine Arts on 9 February 2016. Please click on the following links for Facebook event, and album.


The “No Borders” exhibition was a result of a collaborative art project between local artists and refugees to address questions of identity, prejudice and borders between people and within ourselves that took place on 11 December 2015. Please click on the following links for Facebook event, and album.

For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page.