About Vera’s Art

Vera’s art stands out as her own unique blend of her rich identity. Growing up outside of Zagreb in Dugo Selo at a former brick factory, she grew up playing with the rich soil that she would make into small sculptures with her child hands. When she choose to become an artist, she was answering a life calling. From making commissioned monuments to unique jewelry, she showed her curiosity and courage had no boundaries in exploring the unknown. This is reflected in the diverse mediums and methods she used to make her art culminating in the most complex of them: galvanoplastic. The method of galvanoplastic combined water, electricity, metal—typically bronze or copper—that would be transformed to become an exact replica of the mold. Vera than applied an enamel to the metal sculptures and reliefs.

Many of her works are in private collections throughout the world. Much of them remain as part of her descendants’ inheritance who seek to secure its protection and availability for the public to view, appreciate, explore and research.

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