Maljavanka radionica, workshop / Marina Naprushkina

Members of the Women to Women collective at Živi Atelje DK had a change to work with Berlin-based artist Marina Naprushkina through a joint-project with WHW.

Marina Naprushkina introduced the work of the Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit initiative in Berlin and Moabit Mountain College as an example of building a commons space based on migrant self-organization where art became a key means of communication. Naprushkina focuses on the social and political dimensions of crafts and the craft as part of the artistic practice.

In the workshop, she shared the Maljavanka technique- the traditional technique of painting, which was common in Belarusian villages in the middle of the last century and mostly practiced by women. Naprushkina introduced the works of Alena Kish (1896–1949), self-didact artist, and avant-garde artist Vera Ermolaeva (1893-1937).

We then had our own attempt of using the Maljavanka way. May you also be inspired.

Several projects made this union of artists and women possible. The Communities of Learning (Zajednice učenja) project that involves five organizations: Što, kako i za koga / WHW and Živi Atelje Dajht Kralj (Zagreb, Croatia), (Novi Sad, Serbia), Neue Nachbarschaft / Moabit e.V. (Berlin, Germany), State of Concept Athens (Athens, Greece) with the aim of exchanging programs of independent and contemporary artistic production in which informal artistic education is emphasized.

The other project is “Integration of Art – Art of Integration: Women to Women” through the Active Citizens Fund in Croatia (ACF), a program of European Economic Area (EEA).

Photos / Fotos: WHW & Živi Atelje DK

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