Nada Dimić Award given to Women to Women collective

With great honor the Women to Women collective received the Nada Dimić award on 7 July 2020 at the symbolic Trg žrtava fašizma (Square of the Victims of Fascism). The Women to Women collective shared part of the funds from the award with Black Lives Matter Croatia in recognition of our joint struggle for a more just and egalitarian society, against racism and fascism. Congratulations to the other award recipients Alpinista, speleologa & visinaca who helped people of Zagreb in the aftermath of the earthquake. Thank you to Fond za druge (Fund for Others), Domino, and a special thanks to our nominators Faktiv, who organized the Women’s Night March in the spring, and all who have supported us in these last few years. Check out the pictures and relive the moment. Thank you to all photographers including Silvija Dogan. 

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