Živi Atelje DK & WATA | Chi Chern | Govor Praznine / Emptiness Speaks | 25.8

2017-08-25 Chi Chern contemplates his exhibition worksŽivi Atelje DK and its program, Wandering Art Tea Academy, were pleased to host a special exhibition opening of calligraphy and paintings by the tea master and Zen teacher Chi Chern, from Malaysia. The exhibition, “Emptiness Speaks” opened on 25 August at Gallery Živi Atelje DK.

The Wandering Art Tea Academy, Živi Atelje DK, Aikido društvo Zagreb, Kontemplacija & Mistika, Taijiquan i qigong centar Zagreb together host this event, a rare opportunity to meet someone whose life epitomizes the harmonious blend of art, tea and spirituality. On the same day as the opening, a Chinese tea ceremony took place at 16:00 at Kuća Aikida (Koturaška 1/2) during which Chi Chern spoke about art, tea and Chan.

The exhibition lasted until 28 August from 17:00 to 20:00.

To view the event and the pictures, click on the clickable!

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